Friday, February 06, 2009


Endurance athletes often use the lessons they learn from sport in life. I guess all athletes do somewhat. Besides teaching us more about ourselves, sport can quickly show others ones true personality. Don't believe me? Go play a sport with someone - any sport, and you'll see many of the persons true personality traits. Back to the metaphor of sport and life;

I've witnessed many different reactions thus far on how people are approaching and dealing with the current state of affairs in our country. It's very reminiscent of what I've seen firsthand on the race course. Let's take last years Lake Placid IM as an example. Athletes trained there little asses off preparing for this huge event and day in their lives. They awoke to a pretty miserable day, with cooler weather and torrential downpours most of the day.

Some dealt with the day with such negativism, doubting themselves from the get go. You could see it on their faces clear as day - well not clear as that day. They had the "woe is me" approach. The "why the hell is this happening to me? I can't believe we were dealt this day! This really sucks!" attitude. I talked with quite a few athletes after the race who gave into the day, letting it get the best of them.

Then there was the middle road approach. These athletes went with the flow of the day, readjusting and racing cautiously and hoping for the best. They didn't give in, but they went with the masses hoping for the best later on. These athletes finished a few hours slower than they wanted to.

There were a group that did seize the day. They realized that most were faltering on this obscure and pathetic weather day, and they took hold and upped the ante. They smiled at the conditions, took an opportunity realizing that most would go conservative or falter, and they persevered big. These are the athletes that nailed their goals and even pr'd! Yes, there were some that set personal bests that day. They certainly weren't reckless, but rather, they were calculated and aggressive and confident and driven. I coached a few of these athletes and it was certainly cool to witness.

In this new, interesting, turbulent year, which path will you be following?

On another note, last nights 30 Rock was hilarious! If you don't watch this show yet, why not?



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