Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Not much going on that's exciting...

Trying to think of something to post for the sake of posting - that's no good. The Superbowl? Great game, what more to say? The Doritos commercial was hands down the best one.

Training is going well. I ran the Stratford Sweetheart Run course on Sunday before the Superbowl - my father, and older sisters ran it also which was cool. That's a bitch of a course - just the way I like it. Most of us are too caught up in times searching for courses where we could pr. I always wanted to break 9 hrs in an IM (and I still will!) but I certainly didn't choose the right IM course to do this. I think in the long run, it'll be the challenge of the courses that I'll remember more and that will have more of an impact than the times I did. Ran tempo on the treadmill today which went well. 2 mile warm-up, 3 X 2 miles at 5:30 to 5:40 pace w/ .5 mi easy in between each, then a 1 mi cooldown. Good stuff.

I'm sucked right back into 24.

My motivation is still running well. I'm certainly looking forward to Arizona in a few weeks, however, considering this winter, I'm quite pleased with my drive at the moment. Why not though? I mean, if you are having motivation issues, it's usually due to something that's pretty clear, right? And although we know usually what's causing motivational issues, we still can search trying to come up with other reasons.

I received a rough cut of my trainer dvd and, although I'm overly critical of myself, it's coming out amazing. The production just blows away spinervals dvd's. Hopefully we'll have it ready for release within the next month. You hear that Sean?!

There are some new things up on my home page ( www.hodska.com ) including an excellent article by Greg P. comparing the latest Shimano, Camp and Sram groups, and also the newest from Rob Straz which is a great read.




alan said...
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alan said...

On the Super Bowl- what did you think of the MVP pick, as someone who picks MVPs himself ?

Eric said...

that was an amazing catch Alan. I think that Fitzgerald is a better receiver, but that Holmes, regardless of whether he likes the mary jo or not, deserved it. Roethlisberger threw an amazing pass though - it seems like all the analysts missed this pass he threw. But Holmes catch was amazing. He deserved it not only for that catch, but all the catches he had that day. Is he a role model? That's a different question. Is Phelps?

Anonymous said...

No sports figures should be considered role models.. if they want to be / turn out to be that's a bonus.

It's unfortunate that Phelps got caught smoking weed. I did it in high school / college and I turned out just fine. What was I just talking about....?

It really was a good game. Two winners in a row after a bunch of years of crappers. As a Steel Curtain devotee my HR got jacked up pretty high that 4th quarter. Then "The Office" followed, my Monday was caput.