Saturday, January 31, 2009

more random nothingness

I guess the point of a blog is to write your opinions or write boring minutia about our all important self. I'll do my part in this post.

  • Yesterday, I stopped at a convenient store in between clients in Greenwich to grab a bottle of water. The guy working the register looked as though he slept in sewage. He grabbed my bottle of water buy the neck/top and scanned it. As I walked to my car in the parking lot, I realized there was no way I could drink this and tossed it.
  • Lisa thinks I'm a bit obsessive compulsive.
  • We went out to Barcelonas last night for dinner, a Spanish restaurant here in CT. This place is consistent, fun, and a great way to eat in my opinion, meaning ordering a bunch of tapas and enjoying tasting. They have a great wine list as well, so if you are in CT or passing through, check it out. I recommend the lobster risotto, the steak pallard, and the spicy pork pinxto (yeah, I botched up the spelling here but you get the picture so calm down spanish majors).
  • I have two friends, Margaret and Greg, who I coach who are turning/turned 50 recently. These two walk the walk and lead by example making them my kind of people. Happy Birthday!
  • I ran this morning long with Gus and Ken. It was cold but sunny, and I chose my favorite non-trails run course here in Monroe that offers up everything; it has three killer hills, the worst which is rt. 111 from the base at rt. 34. Gus hasn't run with us in some time and he hasn't run this course in two years, but he is definitely running well. This was our first time on it in maybe a year. We ran well the whole time, covering the course which used to take Gus 2+ hrs in 1:55. This course also has a nice two+ mile downhill. I used to run it quite a bit two years ago in my base season, and coincidentally, I ran my races quite well that year!
  • Tonight I'm cooking arroz con pollo. The supermarkets were worse today then during Christmas week.
  • I always route for AFC teams but sorry Straz, I just don't know if I could route for the Steelers. I'll be undecided until the kickoff.
  • The best thing about the Superbowl will be the fun party we're going to to watch. Man, I hope the commercials are good at least.



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Anonymous said...

i have 3 friends.

1 more than you.

-Al Tisko