Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Day 4 in the books

One mistake, and this is a big mistake, that many make when doing The Cleanse is that they don't eat enough during the day. They skip out on a few pieces of fruit, or they are scared of having some peanut butter with their mid morning snack, and/or they skimp on their lunch, both of the latter two because they are concerned about the calories. Then the afternoon 4 or 5 hours rolls around and they become ravenous, setting themselves up for falling off the plan that evening. They are also wreaking havoc on their metabolism by not giving it enough calories, thus slowing it down. Plan ahead and trust the plan.

Lisa and I had a beef stir fry tonight. low sodium soy sauce is allowed but use sparingly. Some other questions that people have asked: Ketchup and bbq sauce is a no go (sugar), salsa is fine, sashimi is fine but sushi with white rice is a no.

Over 1/4 of the way through!




Anonymous said...

Poor Lisa.

-Cat 1

Eric said...

Poor, poor Belinda. And quit kiddin yourself, your a Cat 3. Your old now, it's time to accept this.

Anonymous said...

funny enough... while out riding today... i saw a bunch of your clients (including lisa) at dunkin donuts... going to town on creme filled donuts. is that on the list?

when are we doing dinner?

just send over lisa and the kids.

-cat 1