Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekends are for relaxing?

Weekends are supposed to be down time, correct?

I realized this winter break that I need structure. I can understand how people that retire suddenly plunge into the depths of depression, aging 10 life years in the course of 1 calendar year. I guess some times it takes awhile for things to sink in with me. I'm not the type to sleep in and I'm not good at lying around. I need to do something while watching TV - even while watching football. I love the weekends and at the same time, I look forward to the simple structure of my typical Monday as Sunday night rolls around.

Kenny and I ran two hours yesterday morning. I awoke at 6am in my nice warm bed while it was eight degrees outside, yet, my competition certainly isn't hitting the snooze button. I sucked down a shot of espresso, chased by a large glass of water, threw a couple of layers on and jogged down to the parking area by the trails to meet Ken. We ran a VERY hilly course including a nice two mile climb in the middle. When it's eight degrees out, your body is working extra hard trying to keep you warm and at the same time trying to keep blood pumping through your legs. We kept a comfortable pace, yet we never faded. Both Ken and I have been doing The Cleanse and we both hadn't eaten since the night before, yet we were running at a 7 min/mile clip for two hours. I'm not condoning skipping breakfast and the importance of pre-race fuel, however, I also believe that many of us over estimate the calories that we need and underestimate the efficiency of our physiology. I have to be cautious here as nutrition information is really misconstrued, being interpreted as the person reading wants to interpret.

I cooked a pot of chili today - very healthy and definitely inside The Cleanses boundaries. Greg P. sent me a picture of a meal his wife Beth prepped which was seared tuna w/ wasabi on a bed of arugula and he made the sweet potato healthy fries. It looked restaurant quality and I wanted to post the picture although I couldn't upload the picture he sent me, even though it was probably pretty simple to do.

I sit here finishing this post while watching Pittsburgh unfortunately beat up San Diego and at the same time try and stay awake from the exhaustion of a nonstop weekend. Life is good!



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