Friday, January 02, 2009

Toughguy Rant

Day two of the new year and I'm feeling great, yet a bit ornery.

We started out the year with some cold weather here in CT and I amazed by the amount of athletes who told me they couldn't get in a run because their gym was closed so they had no treadmill to use!? Unless you live way up in Canada somewhere or you live where Straz does where it dips below -20 degrees, there's no excuse for not getting outside. Snow shouldn't stop you - in fact, snow makes a run more fun. It's bad enough that most wont ride outdoors once the weather dips below 50 degrees, but come on! We even have all this high tech training clothing now that keeps you dry, blocks wind, prevents chafing, adds compression, wipes your ass, ... People can't exercise in cotton any more, god forbid.

And don't get me started on Coffee which should be consumed often and black and not black and sweet. And light beer - no guy should drink this donkey piss. It reminds me of an early scene in Old School where Mitch gets into a cab and says to the cab driver; "excuse me but the seat belt is broken back here. what do you recommend I do?" to which the cab driver responds; "I recommend you stop being such a pussy. You're in the back seat!"

OK, toughguy rant is over.

At the beginning of each New Year, I have my athletes do my top secret Cleanse program for two weeks. We all start Sunday so I should really see some complaining soon!

Tomorrow is The Plunge at 2:30pm at Southport Beach!




Anonymous said...

This is my type of post!

The only bad part about winter running is the time to put on the stupid clothes and the laundry requirements.

I was out in 7 degrees with some winds this am and was fine for an hour.

Wore: balaclava with hat over, (all materials that wicking stuff), short sleeve shirt, long sleeve light layer, long sleeve thicker layer and regular nylon jacket over, lower half: very sexy wind brief, bike short with no pad and tights over that.

Two prs socks, fleece lined gloves with hand warmer packets. After the first 10 mins I was fine. Only minor annoyance was eyelashes freezing.

After reading a book about Navy Seals I realized what a total wuss I can be at times and that it's time to toughen up a bit.


rUntoNamAste said...

Certified wuss here!
This is my first time training in the winter and I have excuses galore. My mentor told me to get lost and come back when I grow a pair. (Oh snap!!!)

Work in progress...

alan said...

I waited Wednesday until about 10 AM so I could run the snow. I had some nice ice going on my eyebrows when I got done.

Straz- if you warm your sunglasses up with your breath every few minutes you can keep your eyelashes from freezing- or hold your glove with your hand pointed up and breath up into your eyes.

Eric said...

You are so right EH. Winter running is the best. Hitting the Buckeye Trail tomorrow morning. Looking forward to ice, mud, snow, all of it.

I'm not a coffee drinker so no comment.

Beer needs to be dark, heavy and lager. Give me something with taste.

Bud Light f'in way.

Dive under the water during the plunge tomorrow.

Rock On.

Eric said...

Check out Straz's column on my home page. Good stuff.

Runtonamaste - your mentor's right;)

Alan, trim those eyebrows Andy Rooney.

EG - The Plunge doesnt count unless you go under!

Thanks for the comments!

alan said...

Thanks for setting up the plunge EH. it was almost too easy today...

Keith said...

Love the tough guy rant. Makes me feel better that I ran outside today in Calgary, it was warm at -10 C, (14 F) and most of my neighbours have shoveled their sidewalks.

Eric said...

Keith, thanks. Calgary is a great city. I'm envious - you have the Canadian Rockies just a short drive away.