Thursday, January 08, 2009

Another day done

I find that on the fifth day of The Cleanse, things get a bit easier. Mostly in that we physically aren't craving sugar after being off of it for four days. Mentally, we can start to get a bit antsy, but if you think about it a bit more, you should be feeling pretty good physically by day five. The Cleanse should be flushing things through your system so the carbohydrate bloat should be gone and you should just be feeling healthier in general. Focus on this, not on that piece of chocolate you may be craving.

I find that my workouts don't suffer at all. Personally, I think a lot of us are over dependant on calories in short training sessions. It kind of cracks me up to see someone at the pool (on the rare occasion I get there) that's in the water for 45 minutes to an hour and has a full bottle of perpeteum. Right now (meaning January), most of the training is less than 90 minutes at a shot, except for the occasional longer ride. If you go less than 90 minutes, water is sufficient.

A few people have mentioned to me that they like reading about different things that I've been preparing for dinner while on The Cleanse because it gives them some ideas. They also wanted to know if I'd list some lunch ideas. I typically have the same lunch Mon through Fri which is a soy milk protein smoothie with whey protein, ice, frozen strawberries, and flax seed powder. Lisa has the same lunch each day as well - a salad with chicken. However, this weekend, I plan on cooking up some brown rice and beans. It's a great recipe, healthy and easy. Yes, beans contain some protein, but they are easy on the metabolic process compared to meat.

See you on Day 6.




Greg said...

Yesterday was Day 4 of the cleanse for Beth and I.

I did a pretty epic non stop 4 hour ride in the Litchfield Hill Country on 2 Gu's and 3 bottles of Acclerade.

Other than being cold and wet I had plenty of energy (for what it's worth I find the cold saps extra energy compared to riding in nice weather). And this was during my lunch hours 11-3. But I was starving after!

For dinner I made a big pot of chicken soup with tons of veggies, carrots, parsnips, celery, onion and parsley. It was great!

And we are talking of making pea soup on the weekend.

Soup is a great "cleanse" dinner option.

Another week to go. I too miss red wine!


Anonymous said...

i wanna get cleansed.

i feel like im being left out.

birdman. tell Eh im a cat 1. he doesnt believe me.

he also took my milk money last week.

big bully!

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for the "Mark Foster Cleanse Diet".

I'll be down for that Rev 3 half there tough guy. Name your beer.


Anonymous said...

people. some of the best pictures.

I love the ones of lance off the bike...

index >> lance comeback.

you 3 sport people will enjoy the tri pictures.

2nd picture under TRI looks like hodska.


-cat 1

Eric said...

Greg your hard core! Not to many out on road bikes yesterday! Well done.

Straz, I will be following up my Cleanse with the Mark F Cleanse. It's all about balance!