Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Day 3 done

I actually felt good today. I had a really great run in the afternoon, so that helps. I already getting some bitching from a few about them being hungry at night. What they are really trying to say is "I'm not hungry. I just want some junk."

One of the cool things about The Cleanse (yeah, there are a few cool things) is the opportunity to work some new recipes into the repertoire. Lisa and I have the five recipe rotation going usually. I'm the cook here, so I usually cook the five dinner items I enjoy and that I cook well. During The Cleanse we always explore a bit with different vegetables, stir-frys and different types of fish. Some of these recipes, well, let's just say they were an experiment. But some are really delicious. Regular potatoes aren't allowed on The Cleanse, however, sweet potatoes, which are very nutritious, are allowed every other night. I like slicing them in chip like size, spraying a baking pan lightly w/ Pam, sprinkling on some seasoning (I use a bit of cayenne pepper, some garlic salt, and regular pepper) and baking them.


MandyB said...

Ooh - good stuff!

When I get hungry at night I just down some more water!

Anonymous said...

Damn that cheeseburger was good...

Hey, what are you guys talking about? Before you answer, let me go get a cold brewski.