Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Roll with it

Sorry I haven't posted in a couple of days. Most are probably sick of hearing about The Cleanse. Hell, the slight chance that there are a few out there actually reading - they may have no clue what The Cleanse even is.

I'm finishing up The Cleanse in a few days so I'm in "lock and load" mode. It's no longer challenging, and in fact, I like it for the most part. Yes, I'm looking forward to a cold beer and a nice glass of wine, but otherwise, it's been fine. I lost 9 lbs thus far although I developed The Cleanse for many other reasons than weight loss. Losing unwanted lbs is a nice side effect. I like not feeling bloated from excess carbohydrates, and I like sleeping better. I like the fact that I'm not falling asleep at the wheel on my drive home from Greenwich each day.

I'm getting in a very solid week of training and for some reason, my motivation is very high right now. Well, I know the reason(s):
  • I'm running well which is always encouraging.
  • I have my Cleveland Winterfest Camp this weekend and I'm looking forward to catching up with my close friends Ange and Scooter and the great people I've met in Cleveland, even if it's only going to be -1 degree outside.
  • I'm looking forward to the season and thinking once again, as I had often in the past, of the fact that my competition is out there training, and if I want to take them, I need to train smarter and better.
  • I'm thinking about the fact that in six weeks, I'll be heading to Tucson for a week of warm weather training. I can picture turning over the pedals as I climb Mt. Lemmon or running along the narrow traversing trail in Sabino Canyon.
  • I'm reminded often of a quote from Dave Scott, which I read when I first started training for tri's. It went something like; "I believe that I train harder and more than anyone else out there. If someone is going to beat me, it's not going to be because they outworked me."
  • I am fueled by the fact that 90% of the population - the population functioning on "average" mode, still question what those of us involved in endurance sports are doing in the first place.
  • I have been working with some newbies and their enthusiasm is just contagious.

There you have it. Motivation is roaring at the moment and I'm taking advantage of it.

Be sure to check out Rob Straz's recent article in the "Rants From Rob Straz" column on my home page, - great stuff. Check the home page every so often because I plan on adding a lot of content frequently over this season. In regards to Rob's column - he's got an opinion and I wanted to hear it - Hope you enjoy it.




MJ said...

That's a solid list.

I liked reading it... kind of helps to hear about someone else's fire burning. Makes me want to sit down to a list of my own.... I might just do that. Thanks.

Eric said...

Yes the "cleanse". You will be coming off it just in time for Cleveland Camp.

Will miss you this year due to other commitments. Enjoy the weekend.