Friday, January 09, 2009

I think it's day six...

I'm a bit light headed from the lack of calories! At least that's what I'm blaming it on...

Here's part of an email Lisa received today from her friend (she used to like me) LW:

"I need u as my moral support! I am doing so well....can't stop now.....went to boxing last night and punched the shit out of the guy,he said who are you pissed at....I said Eric Hodska!!!!"

I get this quite a bit.

Tonight I'm preparing pan seared swordfish. sauteed green beans and mushrooms, and my healthy sweat potato fries.




jpequot said...

Day 8 - Today's the first day I'd say it was "tough". Doing paper work and watching the Giants game . . . a beer would go so nicely. It'll have to wait another week.


Anonymous said...

3 playoff games and 3 upsets - wow!

Let's see if my Steel curtain can buck this trend and pull out the late game.

BTW, John if you or anyone you know are looking for a nice, cheap accomodation for IM Canada let me know. I have one bedroom left to fill in a 3 br house 30 mins from the race site right on the lake. $400 for the week will get you not only the room but a front row seat at the day after bbq where I shall re-enact the Old School "Frank the Tank" scene.