Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Phil Ligget's and Paul Sherwin's voices bring enjoyment to my ears. Have you ever tried watching a televised bike race with other commentators besides these two? It's painful. Bob Roll is also great and I'm even liking Craig Hummer. The conditions thus far at the Tour Of California have been anything but Californian. Seeing these guys race in these conditions is not only motivating, but it can make you feel soft for opting to RUN inside because it's drizzling out.

I'm currently watching a breakaway on the the fourth stage which contains Tyler Hamilton. Funny, even after his bullshit excuses during his trial for being caught blood doping, I still find myself rooting for him in this stage?. What's strange is that I'm typically a one chance kind of guy. I used to be more forgiving, but age hardens you, or at least washes out some of the naivete. You learn that loyalty needs to work both ways. In regards to A-Rod and pro baseball players, I'm anything but sympathetic. What's the difference you ask? I don't know... These pro baseball players are hardly tested and then getaway with such small penalties, especially considering what they make. I'm by no means excusing the cheats in pro cycling. Maybe it's the amount of work and labor these cyclists put into their sport versus the amount they're paid, along with the amount they are tested and the penalty they serve. All of the athletes in these two sports are under great pressure to perform. If anyone thinks that A-Rod was only on the juice for the three seasons he's confessed to, take a look at pictures of him from his early years and compare them to pictures of him from the past five seasons.

There's a lot of illness going around at the moment. My daughter has a fever and upper respiratory bug as well as my kids sitter. Many of my pt clients or their families have something going on. I have been having a very healthy winter until yesterday where I awoke with nausea and a bad stomach. Seems as though it was just a 24 hr bug though as I'm feeling much better now.

I leave for Tucson a week from Saturday which I'm really looking forward to. We have a fun group that I plan on introducing in my blog and on my site. I'll be posting daily from AZ.




MJ said...

I couldn't agree more with what you write about cyclists and baseball players.... 3 years A-Rod? Yeah right...

Have a good time in Tucson.


Anonymous said...

Good thing he wasn't "taking pot" like that Mark Phleps guy. I hear it leads to reefer madness.

I pass on grass.