Sunday, October 11, 2009


Well, it's not what I was hoping for time wise, but I'll take it all things considered. I did a 9:51 (was aiming for a 9:20). The heat and humidity just killed me. I swam and biked conservatively since I knew the run was going to be really hot (more so than usual here) and my legs felt good on the run at first but my body temp just kept rising and rising. The air temp reached 113 degrees in the energy lab during the race! At mile 11, I didn't know if I was going to be able to run (I walked up Palani) again. I just never felt like I was acclimating this week and it showed yesterday. The marathon was by far my hardest marathon to date, will and effort wise.

I'll write a full report when I get a chance but I need to try and get some sleep now. Thanks everyone truly, for all your support.




alan said...

Awesome job, Eric.

And those are some sweet duds- no way to miss you at the finish line.

Bill said...


I was following you online. Great effort, watching the live feed on the internet you could tell conditions were very difficult.

Looking forward to cathing up with you and hearing the stories.


MJ said...

Great job regardless of time (which was still pretty damn fast!)

Enjoy the recovery... hopefully you have a few days there to enjoy yourself.


rUntoNamAste said...

Amazing! Congrats and way to gut it out. Rest up and recover well!

Greg said...


Super effort and fantastic result!


cappie said...


As always you inspire. I watched the race on line from 6 EST till you finished. God, I would love to ride a 5 hour IM distance bike. Your effort was enought to take me out of Ironman retirement. I'll be back in 2010!