Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Confession; I'm on the juice.

Just purchased this sucker:

This thing is awesome! It'll juice anything I think. I haven't tried a rock yet, or my cell phone, but I have no doubt it would turn them both into a drinkable liquid.

Since Hawaii, I've let my nutrition slip. There's nothing wrong with doing this for awhile and I always know when it's time to pull in the reigns. Besides the overconsumption of sugar making me crave more sugar (damn that candycorn), what really pushed both Lisa and I over was a bit of overhydration at our Halloween party Saturday night. So I've put us both on a three day juice cleanse and I've been mixing up some great potions. We are both in day two and both notice an unbelievable difference already, in regards to how we feel. In fact, I think this cleanse may be even more effective than my two week cleanse diet. The great thing is the effectiveness of it in three days however, if you've been really bad for awhile and need some drastic changes, I'd probably recommend this for 5 to 7 days. It takes a bit of time to prepare the cocktails, but I don't really mind it. I've been making them in two day batches for the three of us (Lisa recruited her friend Jenny as well) and keeping the juices in containers in the fridge. We haven't really been that hungry, however, Monday and Tuesday are really busy days for us which means no time to obsess about food.

My energy is coming back although I still have a general feeling of lethargy and haven't done much at all in terms of training since Hawaii. I ran once and began some strength training, but that's it. I am mentally ready to go again, however, I want to make sure I'm ready physically to do some easy training and don't want to force anything. I'm realizing a bit more each day now just how much this damn race took out of me. I'm building up my mountain bike though and hopefully we'll have some nice weather this weekend so I can hit the trails.

Otherwise, I've been busy prepping the camps schedule for 2010. I have an exciting new one that I'm planning for early July - I'll announce more information on this one soon but let's just say that it will be an amazing, maybe once in a lifetime opportunity for many. The late February early March Tucson camp already has seven athletes signed up!




MJ said...

That picture looks awesome... it must look amazing in real life!

Eric said...

It is a very cool looking kitchen gadget MJ. Works incredibly well. May be my next favorite kitchen device now with my coffee machine still in the lead.

Keith said...

What's the brand and model? Looks amazing!

Tried to comment several times on your last blog, and it didn't take. Now I've lost track of what I was going to say. Something like, lets look at some old people that have been doing lots of IM's and see what their health issues are compared to the rest of the population.

Eric said...

Keith, it's the Breville 800JEXL. Ive had other juicers and this one is the best.

The problem with looking at older triathletes is that triathlon is still a relatively new sport being only 30 years old. I do know though that Scott Tinley had hip replacement surgery as well as many other health issues and Scott Molina has been having his share of low back and health problems. Is there a link, who knows?