Thursday, October 01, 2009

Hawaii Picks

Here's mine:

1. Craig Alexander - going out on a limb! I just cant see anyone matching his run.
2. Chris McCormick - will try to run with Alexander until the energy lab.
3. Eneko Llanos - this guy will either win it or be third. If he gets a gap on the bike...
4. Chris Lieto - he'll come off the bike with a huge lead but get run down.
5. Andy Potts - climbing the ladder

For the women, it's the Chrissie show. All the websites and rags keep trying to make a race out of it with the other women who are all fine athletes, but let's face it, she's in her own league.


Rob Straz said...

I heard Potts is a "maybe" to race so I'm going to leave him out unfortunately.

1 - Alexander (boring pick I know)
2 - Van Hoenacker
3 - LLanos
4 - Macca
5 - Hecht

Darkhorse top 15 - Phillip Graves


Somebody other than Chrissie (just to be different)

Eric said...

Forgot about Vanhoenacker - that's a good pick Straz.