Monday, November 09, 2009

Back In The Saddle

It's been four weeks since Hawaii. Four weeks that flew by incredibly fast! In regards to training, I've done very little. OK, I can actually lay it out quite simply exactly what I have done; two easy runs, three fun mountain bike sessions and seven strength training sessions. That's it though. My plan has been to wake up and see if i felt like doing anything. If I did feel like moving a bit, I would limit it to only one session and keep it low key. Muscularly, I recovered fairly quickly from Hawaii. However, i definitely felt "off" for a good three and a half weeks since that race. Waking up in the am has been a bit more challenging than it typically is, and systematically i just felt a bit f'd up as though I'm slightly hungover yet didn't get to enjoy the fun of the previous evening that may lead to a slight hangover.

Today it was sunny and in the 60's and just beautiful out, and the official kick off of some more regimented training. Nothing too intense, but back on a routine. I got out and ran the trails today for an hour, and felt a bit sluggish but better than I anticipated. It felt great to be out there and great to be back in a routine and that's exactly what I wanted coming off of this off season - I wanted to be out there enjoying it and feeling ready to go.



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