Friday, November 20, 2009

In Tempe

I am presently in Tempe as the title of this here blog already states. Arizona has some great Mexican food, so the first thing I like to do when I arrize in AZ is go to my favorite Mexican food joint, Chilis. Truly authentic!

The weather here is ideal; in the 50's early in the morning warming up to low 70's during the day. It's very sunny and very dry. It's also very flat here - probably flatter than IMF!

I did a great run this morning around Town lake which looks more like a river. For those who get nervous in open water, this is the race for you. The swim is cold, but it's also very calm water and if you get nervous, you swim 10 meters to the side and you are on shore. Big Rocks is here with me and also got in a run. We also got in a nice strength session this afternoon, so decent training day here.

I wasn't really looking forward to coming out here. It's been a busy year, and although back in September when we planned this it seemed like a fun idea, the last thing I wanted to do yesterday was get on a plane. I realize today though that you don't get too many opportunities to spend quality time like this with your parents as an adult. To get this time is a gift.

Tomorrow, I am meeting with all my athletes racing here in the morning for a last minute race pep talk and to review race strategies. I'm looking forward to watching the race Sunday. Yes, I'm actually looking forward to spectating. I did my big race recently and so I'm content on the race front. At the same time, spectating will inject some motivation to kick up my own training over the next month.



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