Saturday, November 07, 2009

Perfect Fall Day

Today was a perfect Autumn day in CT. Sunny and in the 50's and just great to be outdoors. I started the day with some strength training - I developed a new strength routine that's just kicking my ass. My son was at a sleep over and Lisa and Kate went to go pick him up, so I jumped at the opportunity and headed out on my mountain bike. I rode a mix of rail trail and single track and had to remind myself often on the single track that I have a family and my own business that I need to report to and that my technical skills aren't nearly as good as I think they are. Nonetheless, it was a blast. I lost track of the time - 90 minutes went by so quickly that I had to time trial home in order to make my daughters soccer game. We then hightailed it down to New Caanan for my sons game. Man, I'm amazed at how much the parents vocally get into these games! I walked over towards Ryan's bench to meet him after the game and found him choked up. He's an emotional kid and I asked "what's wrong bud, is everything ok?" He answered with "yeah, I'm just happy." as he tried his best to hold back the tears. He had a great game and also scored both goals, the latter tieing it up late in the game. It was a memorable moment. Now I'm relaxing, watching Braveheart. My daughter is at a sleepover but my son has two of his friends here so it won't be that relaxing. A great day though!



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