Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cycle Training DVD

I coach this guy Sean. Sean and I actually went to college together. We lost touch after college until probably 2004 or so. I was at IMLP viewing the race and Sean was in it. We kept in touch after that and I began coaching him. He was working for the Discovery Channel at the time as a producer and eventually became the senior VP there. Sean was the brains behind many of the Discovery Channels popular shows including Orange County Choppers. Sean has a gift for reading people and spotting potential. With lots of my persuasion (I can be convincing), he left Discovery and started his own production company called Half Yard Productions a bit over a year ago and he's currently thriving, which is so cool.

Sean and I have long discussed making a cycle training dvd, and this past Monday, we finally did it! Sean and another producer who works for him, Greg Smith, first came up to my LP camp a few weeks ago to shoot some outdoor footage which I wrote about during the LP camp blogs. They then came out Sunday night to shoot the indoor footage on Monday. These guys are the real deal and they had two camera men that also had some amazing credentials. All in all, the day was really cool. We did some very innovative things - I don't want to give too much away. We plan on shooting a bunch more, however it was great to finally get this ball officially rolling after talking about it for so long.

The LP camp was hectic leading into an even more busy week upon my return home. I did a ton of preparation in the days leading up to the shoot and the combination of all this and the lack of sleep left me with a head cold that I'm currently battling. I was able to ignore it during the shoot and was also hyped up on adrenalin. I definitely have some great friends that donated their valuable time to help me with this first shoot. Everyone appeared to have a lot of fun as well.

The workout is a killer! stay tuned for the release!!!

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mrpsam said...

Can't wait to see the DVD! Sounds exciting - Mary