Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Feels great to be back

Even though there were occasional showers and cool air today, getting off route 87 and heading west on 73 still puts a cheesy grin on my face. One like a young kid going to an amusement park. Sun, clouds, whatever, the drive in is still spectacular.

I'm up in Lake Placid a day early to scout out a few courses that I want to take the campers on. Jeff Molson came up early to join me and rack up even more points on his Hodska Frequent Camper Card. First things first, we needed lunch and had a great one at a new restaurant here (can't remember the name), then hit the grocery store for some necessities. Then a quick change and a nice ride, followed up by a great new run (top secret), then dinner at the cottage. They sat us at a small table overlooking Mirror Lake that made Jeff want to order the cheese platter for two and a bottle of chardonnay. We settled for a couple of beers and burritos.

If this place doesn't do something to you, then you need to check your pulse. The outdoors are where its at and the air feels good to breathe, unlike Fairfield County air.

We have a great group for this camp. I'll be filling you in on the players as the week goes on so stay tuned.

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