Friday, June 20, 2008

Schools Out

Was out on the bike yesterday, getting a good ride in during a mid-day break from work. A white OJ like SUV pulls up along side me with five boys in the car and they proceed to blast me with water guns. Pissed, I sit up and start yelling at them. Being a tough guy I bark at them to pull over, but they just drive off. I hammer a bit thinking they may get caught up at a light and see that they don't. Not even 10 minutes later, while still brewing over the drive by, I'm back in my rhythm, clipping along when I could feel the pressure of a vehicle very close to me. In the next second, I feel a full hand bitch slap smack on my ass, then a cabriolet full of girls speeds off. Now I'm outraged and startled, and I sputter obscenities to myself as I pedal on. Later that day, I'm rehashing the two incidents with rage to my wife as she laughs hysterically at me. She forces me to catch myself and I begin to laugh as well. Granted, the ass smack could have made me crash, but for the most part, the two situations were innocent enough and just kids being kids. Man, I must be getting old.




mrpsam said...

Hey, the way I see it you should be flattered that some young teenage girls found your ass appealing enough to want to smack it. As for the boys and the water guns -- they're just jealous! LOL!! Mary

Eric said...

Thanks Mary!

Anonymous said...

You cranky old fart! : )

Just be glad they were water guns vs. the real thing!

Rob Straz

(I probably would have been laughing too...)

Anonymous said...

Atleast it was water. A bird crapped on me during my ride yesterday!
Mark M