Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sprint For Dare 5K

Today could have been quite possibly one of my best race experiences. I ran the Sprint For Dare 5K in my hometown Monroe.

It was a perfect race morning. Pure runners will say it was too hot and too sunny, but it was gorgeous out. The gun went off setting forward the burst of energy from the 400+ runners. Approaching the first mile marker, I was concerned the pace was a bit aggressive. Isn't that always the case in a 5K? A glance at my watch showed 8:01. Yup, definitely a bit overzealous, especially with the gradual uphills in the second mile. The pace slowed a bit, and settled into a steadier rhythm. Some friendly familiar faces and not so familiar faces came by tossing out words of encouragement. The final mile starts uphill, then you turn right onto Cutlers and it's a gradual downhill 1/2 mile to the finish. The pace increased here and I spoke out; "stay relaxed, but bring it home. You can see the finish line, kick it in with all you've got!!!" The clock read 28 minutes flat. My 7 year old son just ran his first road race and I proudly ran every step right next to him.

Paul M., the race director came by and told me the winning time was 17:09, saying I could have taken it. Perhaps. I had actually planned on racing a duathlon in Fairfield this morning. These two things were quite irrelevant considering the experience I had.

Ryan dumped some water on his head while eating a chocolate donut, feeling proud for a moment of his recent accomplishment. Then, it was time to focus on his upcoming soccer practice at 1pm. Ahh, to be young... Thanks for your patience in reading this boastful post.




Anonymous said...

Dude, boastful my ass. That was just plain awesome. Probably your best write up ever. Ryan is the man,...but it's bad enough I have to live with your wife kicking my butt in races, but now your son?! what's next? Big Rocks doing the Kona Shuffle by me as I'm weeping on the side of the road? Freakin-A, tell that GodSon of mine "Nice Work".
Enjoy the LP Camp.

Eric said...

Thanks Brother. LP camp won't be the same without you there.

Anonymous said...

Never fear Baker. I would not only shuffle by but probably kick some sand your way. Not going to the LP Camp? Things should run smooth.