Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tim Russert and Tiger Woods

I always liked Tim Russert. Some people who we think we know from viewing them on television - we can easily tell that their on air persona is nothing more than the person they truly are. That there is actually no on air persona and that what you see is what you get. He was extremely likable regardless of your political party choice. He was a great interviewer and always had a smile on and always was positive. These obviously extremely admirable traits are something we should all try to emulate. He was also a jolly person, cherubic in stature and carrying some unhealthy extra weight. It's a shame to see great people go so early in life, especially when you can't help but think that maybe their lives could have been prolonged had they paid more attention to their health. Regardless of this, Mr. Russert died at an early unexpected age showing us once again that life is very short and that we should NEVER put things off and wait until the future for "bigger and better" goals. It shows that we should spend as much time as possible with family and close friends and to not sweat the small stuff including stupid squabbles and issues with others that could cause future regret. Rest in peace Tim.

Regarding Tiger - what an unbelievable display of skill this past weekend. I couldn't help but think about his mental toughness and drive. I feel that most golfers, tennis players, and professional athletes in general don't retire because they physically can't keep up, but because they mentally lose the edge. I think that tennis players in their 30's can be just as physical as tennis players in their early 20's but they have been at it for so long that they lose the edge mentally. Golfers - please! Why wouldn't a 50 year old be able to compete with a 30 year old in golf? I mean come on, it's not a physical game. Yes, it requires a tremendous amount of skill - a tremendous amount! But physicalness - don't kid yourself. They lose their mental edge. I realize Tiger is still very young but he has also achieved so much already. I bet that he mentally holds up longer than most as well. He obviously has it. That mental drive and tenacity that tells him that he can't lose. I've never witnessed someone so clutch. Now, regarding his leg injuries; I completely understand the ACL issues. Watch him swing and you can see the torque he places on that left knee. However, the stress fractures??? This is golf! Stress fractures?! That I don't get.



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