Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Comin' round

I checked out of the condo with John today and checked into the hotel Lisa and I will be at. I had a blast staying with John thus far this week. He's a great guy and an optomist. We had some great conversations, did some nice training and ate some terrific food. John thinks I'm a very fast eater, but the reality is that he eats like my mom. Growing up, we'd all be done with dessert and my mother would still be working on her salad. We had a great meal last night - a sushi appetizer then maui onion encrusted Ahi and macadamia nut wasabi mashed potatoes.

The shoulder actually felt better upon awakening today. I never got a chance to swim yesterday afternoon (pool was closed), so I thought I'd go down to the pier and test it out. It felt ok - back to about 60% improvement. I didn't have a lot of power in my left arm, but I was able to swim. I did an easy 35 minutes and then went and had another ART session. I think this will be the last ART session. I want to let it heal up between now and race day. I've changed up my game plan. I will take it very, very easy during the swim. I don't really think I have a choice at this stage. I don't want to do some reall damage, and I also don't want it to effect my ride. On Sunday, I couldn't even ride because I couldn't put pressure on it. So I'll give up some time in the swim, but it is what it is. I'm just really fortunate to be able to race here and I'm excited to be out there Saturday. I'll have to be very patient early on during the bike. I can't think too much about my time in the swim or placing and try and make up for it early on. This would really bite me later in the race. I plan on staying comfortable for the first 70 miles. I'll try to stay around 265 watts during this time period.

The bay was very choppy once again this morning, with huge rollers coming in. I've never witnessed the bay so choppy and the water so stirred up. Usually, there is over 100 feet of visibility in the bay, but this week it's been about 10 feet. There were a ton of swimmers in the water this morning. Swimming back in is like playing Frogger.

After breakfast, I went out for a nice easy hour ride on the Queen K. I love seeing how fit people are here and at all ages. I was talking with a guy who was 62 and looked as though he was maybe 40.

My dilemma now is to decide what helmet to use (I know, the problems we should have!). I brought my Giro Atmos which is very well vented and comfortable and also my Rudy Project Syton aero helmet. At the moment, I'm leaning towards the Giro. Coolness and comfort win out over aerodynamics for me on this course. I've heard a lot of talk recently about some studies that these MIT guys did in the windtunnel and what an advantage an aero helmet is. I have to tell you, I really don't think that testing in the windtunnel stands up well to real riding testing - or actually being out there on the road. Some of the guys here have aero helmets so long and pointy that I'm sure if we get a good side wind gust, they'll be getting a nice cervical adjustment.

I'm about to go for an easy 30 minute run, and then head back to Kailua, which is about a 45 minute drive, to stop by Mitch Gold's house - he's having a little party there tonight, and then I'll head out from there to the Airport to pick up Lisa.

Until tomorrow, asta la vista.



alan said...

Do they vary the direction in the wind tunnel the way that the wind varies the direction that it attacks us on the road ?

It looks to me like they just do some aerodynamic computer modelling and I've never understood how that relates to actual riding. Hopefully Marty's reading this...

gus said...

Nothing like the Ahi with wasabi macademia mash potatoes. Have a big mud pie for me. Forget racing, just keep eating at Hugo's. Coming from a guy who likes to eat, I am going to back Brennan. You eat like you bike...FAST. Besides, Brennan can drink you under the table...

Rob Straz said...

Alan, I believe wind tunnel testing to be one of the biggest farces out there.. everything is in a totally controlled environment. The one example I go to (and laugh at) is the kestrel testing that indicated earlier this year that macca is now 5-6 mins faster now per hour. Okay then, his '05 bike split now translates to about a 4:13. Nope.

Plus, there are no studies to validate what all that new body bending is doing to your digestive process, and run form for that matter.

They also don't figure in crosswinds, sidewinds, ect. They results are dramatic and pretty, but unreliable.

Ah well, that's today's rant.

Eric said...

I'm with Straz on wind tunnel testing. Usually the wind is coming right at you.