Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tuesday 411

We are back at Jamba Juice at the moment. Man, I love these shakes! Someone needs to open one up in CT. It may not fare that well in the winter time, although maybe they could serve soup then.

I slept lousy last night. My shoulder started hurting again around dinner time. It was throbbing all night and kept waking me up. I'm starting to get just a bit nervous about this. I had ART done again today on it. They seem to think that it's due to extreme tightness in the subscapularis, although I feel the pain in the rotator cuff. I may go for an x-ray tomorrow. I'm not going to let this throw me. It may make the swim Saturday a bit unpleasant, but I'll deal with this. Shit happens.

John and I went to the Kona Brew House last night for dinner. We had some good pizza and some nice micro-brew local beer. I ran into my friend Mitch Gold there with his wife and a big group.

It poured rain during the night, so I advised John to skip the swim at the pier this morning. After strong rain here, the bay get's polluted with run-off from the town. We certainly don't want a nice parasite visiting our GI tract. So we headed out for an easy 30 min run on Alii Drive instead.

Yesterday and today, the sun was very strong here and the humidity very high. We are still trying to acclimate. John and I were talking about how the sun is much stronger here than in other locations where it may be the same air temperatures.

After running, we headed to The Aloha Cafe for breakfast which is just a great spot. We then went to register.

I just dropped my bike off at the Cannondale Tent. The head mechanic, Murray, is a great guy and a great wrench. He was finishing up Faris Al-Sultan's bike! He told me he'd replace the bearings in the bottom bracket and run some new cables. How cool is that?! I told him he could do whatever he wanted to it since I totally trust this guy.

After we finish here at Jamba Juice, we are going to the Kona Aquatic Center to get in an easy swim. I want to test this shoulder a little. Then we'll head back and catch some of the IM parade before dinner at Hugo's. I always think I'll have a lot of time to veg out during the taper and it never seems to work that way.

Lisa arrives tomorrow evening. I can't wait to see her.

I listened to the Foo Fighters yesterday on my ride up to Hawi. They are just a great band, and although the cd has been out for awhile, pick it up if you don't own it. DOA will get you going up any hill.

So that's all for now.




Rob Straz said...

That Foo Fighters cd is great - plenty of great songs, and cd 2 is a nice mellow set of tracks.

Just as an idea, consider a chrio adjustment for your shoulder - sometimes your shoulder might be radiating from your back or neck. It might have gotten tight from sitting long periods on the flight.

Eric said...

Thanks Straz, I did look into this on Monday. It's actually feeling a bit better today.