Thursday, October 12, 2006

More swimming!

So I've been swimming quite a bit (at least for me) the past two weeks. I belong to a fitness center in Monroe, and they have a sister center in Fairfield with a 25 yard four lane pool. They have two lanes set up with lane lines and the other two open, and I get my own lane no problem here.

There are always six or seven people in the pool when I swim, and I'm the youngest by probably 35 years. The pool and it's occupants remind me of a scene from the movie "Cocoon".

These members primarily walk or float around in the non lane section. Many of them sit on those long flotation noodles. This appears to be their social time. They seem to be interested in everything I do. There's one guy who counts my laps, telling me whenever I stop at the end of the pool how many I took, and how I'm way more efficient with the big paddles versus the little paddles or no paddles. Then there are the two who are infatuated with flip turns. They can't comprehend how I don't smack my feet on the wall each time (little do they know) and are curious to how I time it. Then there are the women who ask if I have to flip turn because I'm getting their hair wet. There's also one guy who wears the full diving mask and snorkel and swims under my lane upside down and watches.

They are all actually very sweet, and ask a lot of questions whenever I stop at the gutter in between intervals. I've been wearing the mp3 goggles and I'd move the ear pieces last week so that I could hear their questions, but this week I've just been answering yes to everything, not moving the ear pieces. I'm not being rude, they usually ask the same questions. Sometimes, I'm finishing up an interval and can see them conjugating at the gutter, and I don't stop.

They are a fun group though and I'm starting to learn them by name. In fact, they were asking me something that I answered yes to, and now I think I may be playing bridge with them in a few weeks.

Got in one last 5000 yd swim today. That's alls that I did, training wise. Felt a bit tired and had a lot of work and other things to do. Man, tomorrow will be a busy day. I still need to pack.

Download this: The Killers, When You Were Young




Eric said...

Hey Hods great to be reading your blog. Funny how your pool is similar to the one I swim in. Women with water noodles, social swimmers, but all very curious and complimentary on my swimming. At least you have lane lines.

Can't wait for you to tear it up in Kona.

JenC said...

Dude, if you figure out bridge, let me know. I think you might be too young for it though. It did give me a chuckle. Thanks!