Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lazy Thursday

The Thursday before a Saturday IM, I like to be very lazy. Lisa is still on EST and was up at 4am tossing and turning, which had me up. We had breakfast here at the hotel and then made the 40 minute trek to Kailua to pick up my bike and get in a swim.

Before swimming, Lisa and I walked around the IM village and then through town, doing some shopping. We were joking about how this place is the hottest place on earth. My father called and asked if it was raining. There wasn't a cloud in the sky. He's been on daily which has been showing showers here. The only rain I encountered was yesterday on my drive up to the hotel to check in. I rented a convertible and had the top down with my huge bike case sticking out of the back seat. Somewhere on the Queen K between Kailua and our hotel, it downpoured for 5 minutes. Yes, I got soaked in the convertible.

I finally got in the water at the pier around 10:30am. i just wanted to do a short 25 minute swim to see how the shoulder was. Not to bore anyone reading with more shoulder reports, but it was feeling the same as yesterday if not a slight bit better.

The swim was great though. There was no one in the water at this time. Actually, I encountered one woman at one of the buoys - it was Missy Lestrange who is here to compete in her 20th Hawaii IM! The water was a bit more clear and there were big rollers coming in still. The rollers come at you laterally and sometimes you find yourself on top of the wave looking down about 8 feet which is very cool. This was a peaceful swim and just what I needed. It allowed me to relax a bit more and enjoy one of the things I love about Hawaii which is the ocean. It was great to take nice, long relaxing strokes, tasting the salt water and checking out the fish swimming around.

After the swim, we made our way back to the resort, stopping for fresh Ono sandwiches along the way. The fresh fish here is incredible. For those of you(Baker) who don't (Baker) like fish (Baker), I feel bad.

Lisa went down to the pool and beach and I lied around and read a bit in the room. I then began putting my gear together for race day. We have to check in our bike, helmet (I'm going with the non-aero one), and transition gear tomorrow.

Tonight is a big eating night. I plan on putting down the carbs. Should be fun.

So, all in all, quite a boring day here!




Carlgrus said...

Eric, and John if you're reading this. Enjoying reading this blog, and just want to wish you both the very best on Sat. I'll be watching on Maybe someday I'll make it there. The torn meniscus is fully repaired, and call me when you get back and we can discuss my progress.


Eric said...

will do Carl, thanks!

JenC said...

Good luck Eric! I'll be checking on you on Saturday. Have fun!