Wednesday, August 27, 2008

EH News

Can you believe it’s almost September already!!! It’s been a fun, busy year thus far with lots of great things happening.

For those in the CT area:

This Monday, September 1st is The New haven 20K Labor Day Road Race. This is a really fun training race – if you can make it, it’s worthwhile. I’ll be setting up a meeting area on the green for pre and post race.

Sunday, September 21st is The Nutmegman ½ IM in Southbury, CT ( ). If you can race, it’s a great course! If you can volunteer, your help would be appreciated.

Saturday, September 27th is The 5th Annual Ride For Rick ( ). This is a charity ride and/or 5k run that I started 5 years ago for my good friend Rick Moisan who was suffering from cancer. It’s evolved into an amazing morning, with 4 different rides to choose from and a 5K race as well. I need some volunteers to assist in the rides (making sure the participants know where they are going, are ok, …). Obviously this event/cause is near and dear to my heart and the proceeds from it go directly back into the fight against cancer, not lost in a huge charitable organization. I hope to see a bunch of you there. There are many of you out there that have been terrific about supporting this event the past four years, and it means more to me than you realize .

EH 2009 Camps

Tucson, AZ Camp is scheduled for February 28th through March 6th. This coming year, we will finish this camp up with the 2009 Trifest, a triathlon festival featuring all the latest and greatest tri-consumers. This camp is filling fast. We have three spots left.

Lake Placid, NY Camp is scheduled for June 17th through the 21st. Please see my site for further details.

CT Fall Foliage Camp 2009 will take place in Lakeville, CT September 17th through the 20th. See my site for further details.

There will also be day clinics and winterfest camps offered as well. The three camps above are the ones currently set up with specific dates.

Other News:

There has been lots of great racing going on – we want some race reports! There have been some really impressive performances out there from many of you. Congratulations for taking on a challenge and putting yourselves out there. We could also use some pictures for the site – if you or a friend or spouse were at a race and snapped some good shots, please send them our way (either myself or Alan at )

We finally shot my first training dvd/download which we hope to release in the fall early winter. We plan on shooting two or three more by this time as well. The footage from the first shoot looks really cool. Stay tuned!

We are putting together a MY Athlete team for 2009 consisting of 10 to 12 men and 10 to 12 women. Again, stay tuned.

I will be planning the 2009 Polar Plunge quite soon. If anyone would like to assist me in the organization of this cool event, please step up!

I will be planning two outings soon – one in New Haven at Farber’s new Microbrew Pub! and another holiday gathering. Yes, again, stay tuned!




fredzilla is interested in myathlete. Let me know if you want a roadie involved.

i am working on getting 25 of my cronies for the 50 mile edition of the RfR.

do the shorter days and cool nights make lycra shrink?... my clothes seem tighter than usual.

i found this picture of you and baker from Vermont.

Eric said...

That's a funny picture. What's disturbing to me is that you actually searched for guys in speedos Badger. I have a feeling it's not the first time.

Thanks for the support with the RFR and assisting with the 50 miler. I seriously appreciate it. Just do me a favor and make sure you guys keep the ride civil. I know how you Cat 3's like to show up at charity rides and treat it like it's the key stage of the Tour.


this one is my wallpaper

carlgrus said...

Eric, I can make the ride, and would be happy to help you anywhere you need me, the short or long ride, just let me know.

Eric said...

Great Carl - thanks so much! I can use you on the 25 mile ride if that works for you.

carlgrus said...

you got it...that works for me. Carl