Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Track My Ride

I took the day off and Baker, Molson and I are doing a long ride. If you are really bored in your cubicle, you can track us at: or

username: Vermont
password: Vermont123

The Olympics have been great fun thus far, although they show the good stuff too late in prime time. Michael Phelps is amazing. His 200 free was absolutely incredible - he'd put another 1/2 a body length into everyone on the turns alone. I wanted to see Art Vandelay take the silver for a one two American punch there. Obviously the moment of the Olympics thus far was the mens 4 X 100 relay. What's there to say? That's pure emotion - what the olympics are all about. Viewing Equestrian is like watching paint dry.




Ken Schulz said...

Very cool company. The user ID/pass isn't working at the moment. Enjoy the ride!

mrpsam said...

At about 1:54 today I had you on Route 5/10 (West Street) traveling about 23 mph. Cool. Hope you had a nice ride. Mary

Eric said...

Well, Baker and I goofed today and I had yesterdays battery in instead of a fresh one, and it died shortly after starting. Great ride though - I'll post on it soon. Thanks for reading Ken and Mary.