Sunday, August 10, 2008

Phelps's 400 IM World Record

The situation that Michael Phelps has created for himself is a tough one. Everytime he swims, the millions spectating expect a world record. He's diminished the awe factor of a world record. Think about the significance of a world record. Stating the obvious here but come on, that's the fastest anyone has ever, in the history of the world, covered that distance that fast in that event. Lisa and I were watching him in the 400 IM last night and man is he unbelievable, making things look easy. I don't care what else he does this Olympics, he took 1.5 seconds off his own world record and that's huge. From now on with world records in swimming and track and field, they should immediately have horns, bells and whistles sound. Maybe a bunch of confetti should drop as well and some fireworks. Yeah, definitely fireworks. By the way, the 400 IM is the most difficult and challenging swim event. Don't believe me? Go try and swim one today. Make sure there's a lifeguard at your pool. And I'm already sick of Rowdy Gaines.

OK, I'm inspired. Time to go run. I have a 2 hour one scheduled for this morning. Maybe I'll get back in the pool this week?

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