Sunday, August 24, 2008

Summer Vacation

I just returned from a very nice, somewhat relaxing, low tech for the most part, family vacation. I say low tech because we went to a place where my cell phone didn't work, I couldn't receive emails, and i didn't take my computer, and you know what? It was great for a week! Think about how often you stop at your computer throughout the day or check your pda while driving, at dinner, or trying to relax. Believe me, I'm not anti-tech. In fact, I rely on technology for my coaching business. However, everyone deserves a week off from the gadgets, and should take it, whether they feel they need to or not!

I maintained my fitness by running on the treadmill daily early in the morning, doing some strength work, and actually swimming 1000 meters a day in the two lane 25 meter outdoor pool which was amazing. I also body surfed, tossed my kids into the water a bunch, and played catch in the water with Ryan for like six hours each day which has to count for something. I also ate quite a bit for breakfast and lunch. I'm not a big lunch person - it get's in the way of too many fun things to do during the day. However I ate a nice sized omlette and three pieces of coconut french toast every day this past week for breakfast! Good thing I stayed somewhat active.

Back to reality.

Lot's of thoughts to post on this week including some Olympic thoughts.



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