Thursday, August 07, 2008

Todays Brick and Sarcastic thoughts

I had 30 minutes left to ride today, and the clouds came rolling in quickly. It was very cool to see - the sky went from bright blue to black in minutes as the clouds rolled over the sun. I had my ipod on and I could still hear the loud thunder roaring. As I finished my ride, the drops just began to fall. I was parked at the gym I belong to and because I wanted a quick transition, I did the towel trick and changed out of my cycling shorts and into my running shorts. I’m sure the gym ownership appreciates me doing this in their parking lot. My legs surprisingly felt good as I headed out on my brick. The last two days were a very hard bike session and mile repeats at the track, so I wasn’t expecting much and in fact, was just riding and running an easy brick since I had no time today to break up the sessions. Ten minutes into my run, it was downpouring. The lightning was coming down all over the place and the thunder grew even louder. It was incredible out! I ran for 50 minutes and enjoyed every second of it. Running in the rain in the summer time is a treat. Today with the storm was bonus. Upon finishing, I learned at the gym that we were target central for a tornado hitting the area!!! This is Connecticut! Turned out to be a great training session and one that I’ll remember this year. As I was out there, I was running through some sarcasm in my mind:

*If you miss a day of training, then your whole season is shot. Three missed days in a row means you are starting from square one. Your lifetime fitness and training is gone.

*If you eat a pizza one night, or even better, some ice cream, you’ll gain 5 pounds.

*All courses are accurately measured.

*All eyes are on you on race day!

*If you were on a specific training plan and it trained you right into the ground, once you finally recovered, try the same thing again!

Please feel free to add to these (Straz, Baker).



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Anonymous said...

People love to be subjected to a 12 hour recap of an 11 hour race. We care how much drafting you saw, your bike issues and how fast you would have finished if you hadn't bonked.