Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I had an athlete I hadn't heard from in a bit so I sent him an email yesterday asking for some feedback. He sent back a note saying things are going well and that he's ready for a new schedule. A bit later, I received another email from him that started out as this:

"I realised while I was doing my 45 minute easy spin that my feedback was feedback free."

He then went on to give me a great description of what he did last week, how he's feeling mentally, physically, the amount of sleep he's been getting, ...

For those of you that work with a coach, realize that for the coach to help you to the best of his and your ability, the more they know and learn about you the better. Give them feedback in either an email or a phone call. You aren't bothering them - if you are, find a new coach.




Rob Straz said...

The athlete in question wasn't Lucas Dellabate, was it?

Eric said...

Close. It was Goerge T.