Thursday, September 25, 2008

Technology Hiatus

Obviously our society has become overly dependant on technology. I'm not talking about the necessities, like transportation, but more the devices and gadgets that we arm ourselves with each morning before venturing out into the real world. Look at anyone nowadays anywhere and there is a very high chance you'll catch them using some high tech gizmo. This isn't a rant about obnoxious cell phone users in public places - my biggest pet peeve. Why is it that these people also feel they need to talk louder into their phones?

Back on track...

I'm proposing a tech hiatus. Let's make a stance for simplifying. For getting back to just us and nature. It's time we free ourselves of these technological shackles that bind us to material gadgets. How often have these devices interfered with your family time? Your training?? WHO'S WITH ME??? I begin this movement right now with a nice trail run - just nature and me.

Of course I'll have to update everyone so I'll allow my laptop to survive the movement. If you want to track my run in nature, I'll be wearing my MyAthlete device. No criticism on my pace - I'm still sticking to my heart rate plan. In fact, my heart rate monitor will beep if I go over it. Hmmm, this may be hard to hear though with my ipod on. Shit, I'll get back to this blog in a bit, I have an important cell call coming in.


Anonymous said...

Hey Eric,

Thanks for writing this blog. It gave Gus a well needed belly laugh. Keep it up. Hope to kick some butt at the 5K this weekend. We will see. The credit crunch is running havoc through my professional life. Captain crunch.

Run hard under 140,

Anonymous said...

Dear Nature Boy
Come thrash your legs on Sunday with me here:


mrpsam said...

Too funny!! Need I say more....

Eric said...

I'm with ya on taking a break from tech. My recovery rides have been without HRM and bike computer. Runs with out the HRM have been nice. Tech like HRM, powertaps, bike computers, etc... seems to take alot of the fun away from training and finding your boundaries on your own. What happened to trial and error?

The rest of technology in our lives.....yes I remember when we didn't have it...but it's hard to imagine with out it.

Game On.

Anonymous said...

Without technology, how would I know how much urine is collecting in my foot?


alan said...

Straz- once the shoe (or foot) is full, it doesn't matter. Ask Kenny how to get the smell out (if you care about that sort of thing...)

My bike computer died during IMLP and my heart rate monitor strap was already not working, and it's been an interesting two months since- I finally got a new bike computer for Nutmegman and it fell off 53 miles into the ride.

The two month hiatus has been great. I'm ready to get back to the technology, though...