Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What the deal

God, this f'n blog is killing me sometimes! I feel such an obligation now to keep it up yet I'm either way busy or feel I have nothing really to write about. For all I know, there is one other person (Baker) reading this shit, yet I feel compelled to jot something down. In all fairness though, I often go back to see what I was doing in months and years past, so in retrospect, it's been a great journal. As I once alluded to, if I were to keep a journal on paper or in a word document, I'd get lazy - or lazier than I've been here.

So here's what's been going on:

I am still trying to get rid of this virus/cold, and my wife is as well. I'm running still with a HR under 140, yet it doesn't feel great. I'm logging some decent mileage. I ran 21 on Sunday and 13 yesterday, yet again, it doesn't feel great. I've been training myself and others for over 18 years, and I'm still much better at training others. I know exactly where I'm at and what I need to do. I also have a way of justifying with myself, ignoring certain things. Justification is a bitch.

We are in some interesting times right now and it can be draining listening to the overwhelming pessimists who think they are realists spew there opinion(s). Hang tight and know that everything is cyclical and that many are over-reacting.

I promised to not voice anything political here and I'm sticking to that, even though it's been quite an interesting race.

I'm neck deep in soccer with my kids at the moment and you know what, I'm enjoying it!

The Ride For Rick is this weekend and it's supposed to rain. We have a rain date set up for Sunday. If it rains all weekend, come out and run the 5K and hang out. Everyone has someone they know afflicted with cancer. It's amazing how many fund raisers there are yet it's still so underfunded. What's so intriguing about Rick's case was that he suffered from lung cancer which most associate with smoking or second hand smoke yet he had neither of those issues. This is a situation that is still extremely underfunded in the research world of cancer. I know I ask a lot from my friends - just know that your support here means much, much more than you may realize.

OK, there is so much more going on with Hawaii coming up (who will win?), marathons approaching (Jeff M. where are you?), and off seasons to start. At least I jotted something down for myself here. And Baker. Also, many props to the Cleveland crew who drop in here from time to time. They are great at responding and are energetic, not like the lame Connecticut bunch!




Anonymous said...

Hmmmnnn,...forget the elections, I'd like to hear more about that Baker guy. He sounds fascinating.

Bake....I mean Anonymous.

Future ideas, just review the important stuff in life, such as the season opener of The Office for Thursday night, or any episode of Family Guy. It's what people really want to hear about. 3 sports in 1? That's just dumb. Bring on the T.V. marathon. Logon to and you'll find me sitting motionless for hours at a time. Not an easy feat, but I'm a competitor.
Take that Cleveland!

Eric said...

You've been training long and hard for this Baker. You are tapered and ready! Don't doubt yourself my man - believe!!

Eric said...

Hey about sharing pictures and video from IM MOO instead of parking your ass on the sofa.

I'm recovering from Madison so I have a reason to be lazy....for now at least.

And if you want me to find some TV watchin', beer guzzling, wing eating competitors from Cleveland it won't be hard....unfortunately.

Take that CT!