Sunday, March 01, 2009

Day One - Tucson Camp

For all of you on the east coast that are getting hit with the current snow storm, you think you have it bad? It was in the high 80's today and I've got a bit of sunburn - that's what tough is.

I like to start out these camps with something that has some impact. The first session should set the tone of the camp, and that is why we began this week and this day with a 90 minute run in Sabino Canyon on the telephone line trail. It was a perfect morning, weather wise, and this trail is really phenomenal. Everyone embraced the challenge and the atmosphere and I could tell that we were/are going to have a great camp.

We have quite the group this year. We have Steve, the 64 year old who drove down from Pendicton, Canada and kept pace with all the cats that are 20 to 30 years younger. Cindy and Rick, or as they are now called - The Palin's, from Alaska, Dan, the Navy stud from California who races pro, Leo from Arizona who was banging out repeat 100's on the 1:10 interval today at the pool, Jeff from Missouri who's trying to convince me it's hilly in Missouri, Carrie from Maryland who finished third in her division in duathlon worlds last year, Carla from Calgary who smiled through all the sessions today, Mike from Chicago who we'll call Ferris and who will qualify for Kona this year - mark my words, then the CT group of Spinner - the mayor of Newtown and Bethel Bike, Annmarie who's fun and way stronger than I think she knows, Jeff who's been to more of my camps than I can count and who's had me laughing my ass off, and Gus who also has attended a ton of my camps and who thrives in this environment.

We also rode for two and a half hours today, and the swam, followed by some assisted stretching.

The group was cramping quite bad towards the end of the ride and the swim. Most have come from cold climates, and even though they were being smart and pacing right today, the dry heat catches up with you.

The group is already gelling - dinner was fun and I can already tell that this is going to be one fun week.

Steve and Annmarie won the days MVP's. OK, a lot went down today but I'm a bit tired and we have another early start so I'm signing off for now.


Anonymous said...

Heres what's tough...shoveling the end of the driveway for over an hour (even after our guy comes and plows it) to have the town plow come barrelling down the street.

WAAAHHHHH...I have a sunburn.

Eric said...

I know Lisa, it's a bitch! I guess I'll have to be a bit better with the sunblock today since I'll be wearing shorts. Man the sun is so bright here!

Anonymous said...

Regarding the earlier post, last time I saw Kenny O, he was walking his neighborhood with a clipboard, introducing himself to his new neighbors and having them sign the state mandated freedom of information form. I think he's still restricted from the public playgrounds.

Hods, sorry you're missing our latest Nor-Easter. You suck and I hope it snows everyday for you,...oh okay, bitter energy,...Hope the weather and training are great this week.

Straz, you ignorant son of a bitch,...I never liked you and was just waiting for the right opportunity to tell you,...and i hear it knocking at my door. Don’t get me wrong, I support your bold move to up and move, and I was considering followinf in your footsteps. Yeah, I'm thinking I’m gonna run away from my pathetic life here in CT to hide from my friends and work on my self esteem,...let's see, what should I do? Maybe I can run to a nicer climate, maybe Maine (because they don’t have sucky winters there and a crappy economy),…and maybe I’ll do something really cool like working at a “last stop rest stop on the euthanasia super highway” for seniors no longer worthy of working the potato fields. Yeah, that’d be nice.
No, I’m not going to do that. What I will do is move a little closer to the Big Show. I’m thinking of heading to Hawaii, driving a red Ferrari, and solving crimes. I’ll have lot’s of smirkey remarks for my friend Rick, as I hook my buddy TC into flying me around the island in his helicopter, much to the chagrin of Higgins, whom I’ll continually dodge, so that I can go to the beach and use the guest house for free. Yeah man, living the dream. Maine! What an ass.