Friday, March 13, 2009


Lisa is always on my case about biting through things that shouldn't be bitten through. For example, I'm a big fan of fireballs. I pass them out at my camps during rides to "spice" things up a bit. After tucking one into my cheek for maybe 3 minutes, I bite through it. Lisa will yell at me saying that I'm going to break a tooth. Well, she was right, I broke a molar. While getting it repaired, I asked the dentist how many people percentage wise that come into his office actually floss regularly, in his estimation. Dental offices are always nagging about flossing and I have to think that this is because not many floss. He said maybe 30% floss daily, and that flossing is actually way more important than brushing. I replied that I need to get on the flossing thing to which he replied "your lazy. You'll run a hundred miles yet you won't take two minutes to floss." You know what? He's right, I am lazy here because I haven't created that habit. As much as I stress balance, I'm an all or nothing type of guy. I'm a five speed car missing gears two through four. So this week, I went from not flossing much at all to flossing five or six times a day. My dentist turned me onto these stick type thingys that are supposedly more effective than floss and easier to use. The problem now is that my gums feel irritated from overflossing - go figure.

Uconn lost to Syracuse last night in six overtimes in the Big East tournament! They had the lead in the first five overtimes only to let Syracuse tie it up each time and then they end up losing by ten points in the sixth overtime?! That's like leading a 1/2 IM by a shoulder length over a competitor through the whole race and then walking in the last 200 meters as your competitor sprints in.

I needed an easy run today so I hit the trails and realized I didn't put my watch on as I walked down my driveway to begin. I headed out anyways and soon realized that I need to do more runs without a watch or heart rate monitor and just enjoy the simplicity of running. Good stuff.

I've had a few people recently tell me that I need to open a Twitter account. Now, I'm still trying to come to grips with blogging. As self-absorbed as blogging is, it doesn't compare at all to Twitter. Similar to facebook (in which, thanks to my wife, I do have an account), I have no interest in knowing that "Leslie is psyched today!" or that "Burt is packing his gym bag to go running later." Give me a F'kin break! Okay, I know I post a lot of bullshit here like my dental habits which is boring and useless, but come on already. Enough time is wasted on useless things like television, slowtwitch, ... Baker or Straz or Molson or anyone, if i ever open a twitter account, please kick me in the groin as hard as your girly legs will allow. No man should have a Twitter account. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go shave my legs.




Margaret C said...

Once the flossing habit sticks, you can NEVER stop!A little known fact about me~I keep glide in my car...

Anonymous said...

I'll even give you a pre-emptive kick in the nuts for mentioning your facebook account.

You and Mike Gange can buddy up and snap each other on the asses with towels in the locker room.

What's next? bikini wax kits?


Eric said...

"What's next? bikini wax kits?"

I think you're onto something Straz.

Margaret, try the GUM soft-picks.