Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Patience?, spring?, swimming?, ...

Since arriving back from Tucson, I have yet to wear pants, with the exception of a few dinners out. Yes, this may seem stupid, but it's my little stand that warmth is coming, even if it was 27 degrees F this morning when I left my house. My patience in general is definitely waning as I age. I see myself more and more like my father each day (no offense Big Rocks). As I was walking to my car two days ago, in my shorts, a guy yells from his car window "rushing spring a bit, don't ya think?", to which I quickly retorted "What's it to you? It is Spring isn't it?". He sensed my "lack of playfulness" and softly said "it's just that it's only 34 degrees out man, that's all."

I could tell that my training is going well and that I've upped the ante because I'm starving all the time. Maybe some of that is my metabolism trying to keep this dope (the dope being me in my shorts) warm. In any event, I need to shut my mouth after dinner. Girl Scout cookie season can be dangerous. Although angrily, but thankfully, they have significantly reduced the size of the boxes and the quantities in the boxes. I now feel that a sleeve of thin mints is an exceptable one portion size for an endurance athlete in training.

The one missing link in my own training has still been swimming. I have been using my Vasa trainer religiously though and I'm curious to see how this transfers over. If you have a Vasa trainer, try this session: Put two extra resistance bands on the trainer and set at the highest elevation up front. Do 100 double pulls (similar to fly) focusing on catch and follow through, hop off, do 20 push-ups w/ feet on the physioball, then 20 lateral steps w/ resistance band around ankles, then 15 reps of curl/shoulder press combo, then 25 v-ups, then repeat this sequence two to four more times. It's a killer!

Other than that, I'm getting hammered in my NCAA brackets. I am tied with Obama.




Anonymous said...

For the record, my patience never waned as I got older. I never had any to begin with.

Big Rocks

Eric said...

Good stuff Dad!