Sunday, March 29, 2009

Early Spring Saturdays

How great is the NCAA tournament???

I met Ken to run yesterday (Saturday) morning early. This was one of those weekends that brought me back to the things I love - to spring training, so to speak, and the energy around these longer, somewhat warmer days. Ken and I reversed a frequented two hour run loop. Often we get stuck in a pattern of running typical routes in the same direction. Reverse it and you'll be surprised. This route is very challenging in the way that Ken and I usually run it, with a bunch of rolling hills and one two mile steady climb. As challenging as it is in our normal direction, we both found it a son of a bitch in the reverse direction. The hills, though not as long, were quite a bit steeper and came more often. Funny how you don't realize many of the downhills in a two hour run until you run that course in reverse. We finished up this run nice and early, feeling spent yet exhilarated. This is one of my favorite things. I love Saturday mornings - getting out there early and training hard, rolling back in just as most are waking up and getting ready for brunch. I don't know, it just makes me feel very alive and I know my day will be solid. When I first began training for triathlons, I'd wake up early and ride an hour out to Woodbridge to be there by 7am for the weekly Amity Time Trial. This TT was where I developed as a cyclist. In these short TT's, you don't leave anything. If you feel like you can't breathe, or as though your quads are about to combust and you are tasting the previous nights meal, then you are going at the right pace. I'd then spin home and it was still so peaceful out because most were still asleep. The time felt as thought it was my own - as though the roads were mine, and I still embrace these weekend mornings.

Usually Ken and I go for coffee afterwards but I had to shower quick and get my son to his indoor soccer championship game. I try not to discuss my kids to often here but I'll gloat for a second. His team finished the indoor season with one loss and in second in the league, losing only to the top ranked team obviously. The last three weeks consisted of the single elimination tournament and as it should, the #1 ranked team was to play Ryan's team - the # 2 ranked team in the championship. Ryan's team won 6-4 and Ryan played unbelievably amazing. It was a tense game and the place was packed and going nuts. OK, no more gloating here. Ryan was very humble though - probably the thing I was most proud of.

A few birthday parties and NCAA games later and Saturday was done. I love setting the tone of the weekend with the early Saturday morning session. Thinking here now, it not only sets the right tone, but because it was sunny and warmer here, it also signifies to me at least that the season is beginning!

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