Saturday, November 01, 2008

Marathon Tomorrow

Tomorrow I'll be toeing the line at the NYC marathon. My prep for this race was anything but stellar, by my standards. Illness really sidelined me through September and October, so I'll be standing there on the Verrenzano Bridge feeling anything but prepared. However, I never take for granted my health and the fitness that I have created. There are many out there who's huge dream is to run a marathon, let alone NY. Me not feeling prepared means that I won't run the time I feel I'm capable of with the proper training, however, I have no doubt as to whether I could go the distance. So I'll be on that line, awaiting the gun and then moving forward with the mass of runners tackling this course, and I'll be appreciating every step I take. Tomorrow is about participating, pure and simple.

I have a bunch of athletes in IMF today who are doing very well. Tomorrow, I have a few racing in the marathon. One of them, Gabby, will be doing her first marathon ever. She's a native New Yorker and has dreamed of doing this race. She didn't begin running until maybe two years ago. In fact, I began working with her just to get her in shape and fit again after the birth of her second child. We began with mostly strength work, but I soon convinced her and Laurie, her training partner, into competing in some 5K's. To see how Gabby has evolved in her training is so cool. The fact that she is running tomorrow doesn't surprise me. Gabby and Laurie are doers. They walk the walk. Gabby will be racing for her late father who passed away this year, and I'll be thinking about her a bunch while we're both out on that course tomorrow.

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