Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Weekend Update

So now that I'm in this Off-Season bs and trying to adhere to my own advice, I thought I'd write about my weekend with no training.

Saturday started with my daughters soccer game. U6 soccer is the huge huddle chasing the ball. At one point, the ball kicked out from the scrum and no one even noticed. The score was like 12 to 1. Lisa was heading out of town for a girls weekend, so it was the kids and me. Kate had a friend over on the rainy Saturday and we ended up playing two on two kick ball in the basement, in which Ryan repeatedly pummeled the ball off my head, then soccer, then Wii bowling before her mom picked her up. We then headed to the movies to catch Madagascar 2 which didn't have nearly enough adult humor that these kids movies often sneak in. My daughter ate a huge tub of pop corn which Lisa informed me will bound her up for a week - my bad.

Today, we grocery shopped, then played football in the abundance of leaves in my front yard, then I cleaned an abundance of leaves out of the gutters then we met a few of my sons friends at the park to play some soccer. I participated in the game, not only because it's fun, but also because it allows me to cheat on my "week off from training" and run a bit. I just finished cooking a nice Italian meal for us. Tomorrow, my week off from training is done, thank god!

Endurance athletes - we are a rare, weird breed. We equate everything to training somehow and have a hard time taking down time. Glad my week is up because it's time to start training for my big 400 meter goal for next season.




Anonymous said...

Are you really committing to a 400Meter race next season? You better get off the couch and get to training.

Ed S

alan said...

There's a whole discussion here on what will bind a person up, but it probably has more comic value than information:

I'll second Ed. Hit the track- we want to see you take on the 400/800 double- there's an open indoor track at Yale in March run by USATF. I'll post the details on your website. Let's get the whole EH crowd there...