Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day and all is well

I just finished my traditional Thanksgiving Day calorie burner run here in Pennsylvania at my in-laws. Three things are guaranteed here in PA when you run; One, it'll be overcast, Two, you'll get yelled at by some disgruntled driver, and three, you'll get chased by at least two dogs. I rolled out of the driveway into the grey day and not more than ten minutes later, I hear the growling of an angry animal. I turn to see some type of inbred shepard charging my way, gums showing and spit flying out of the corner of it's mouth. This dog was hauling and it was just a matter of time before he were to lock his jaws on my hamstring at this pace. Thankfully, the owner let out a loud whistle that stopped him dead in his tracks about 5 feet away. You know of course that for the owners own entertainment, he probably waited until the last minute before calling his predator off. My heart is finally starting to settle down as well as coincidentally my fast pace when a guy lays on his horn and flips me the bird for running as close to the edge of the road I possibly could. Thank you - have a nice Thanksgiving! I was having a good run nonetheless, and as I made my way 50 minutes in, down a dirt road, dog number dos come charging out of his yard. This dog was smaller though and I pushed him off as he tried to nip at me. It was still a great run - my philosophy is that any finished run is a great one.

We are about to head out for the family football game - my son has the teams all set up. Lisa's not on my team but I'll have to go easier on her since it's her birthday today. Or hopefully she'll go easier on me.

In these interesting economic times, it's easy to internalize more. Everyone is rightfully concerned about what's in their immediate future. The majority of us certainly have a lot to be thankful for though, and today is the day to put your own worries aside, become a bit more optimistic, and realize in the big picture just how fortunate we are and think about the many who are so much less fortunate. In fact, it's a great day to think about what we all may be able to do to help out at least someone who could really use it in some way. This is often said, not so often done. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone! Time to go play.




alan said...

Happy Thanksgiving !

mrpsam said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Your Thanksgiving run sounded just like a few I had at Mike's brother's house (who also lives in Pennsylvania). It may have even been the same dogs! Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving. All is good in Ohio. Hope you had a great day. - Mary