Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dec 10th Challenge

We had some snow dumped on us early yesterday here in Monroe, CT. The roads were slick making the morning commute that much more interesting. As i drove down rt 59 into Easton, I could see up ahead a small Honda sideways in the road, the front wheels half buried in a snow bank and spinning away. There were twelve cars in front of me and I watched all twelve just swerve right around and carry on with their own day. As I swerved around and drove by, I couldn't help but think about how selfish and self absorbed our society has become. Ok, I actually did stop to help out. As I approached the car, a young woman was sitting in the drivers seat talking on her blue tooth with big eyes welled up with tears. I don't know if the tears were from being stuck and feeling helpless or from being scared of this lunatic still wearing shorts approaching her. It didn't take long to unstick her car and we were both on our ways continuing with our days. I don't bring up this situation to point out the fact that I stopped to help. I was really just surprised that none of the twelve cars even slowed down to ask if this woman could use any assistance. My first client said "are you really that surprised?". Have we become such a society that we not only don't stop to help out someone in need but we also don't expect anyone to help us out if we so happen to be in need?

Today, here's the plan:

three supersets X 20 reps per exercise of Woodchoppers and Bench Jumps.

For the bench jumps, use a bench or a step that is about 1.5 to 2 ft off the ground. If you are very fit and have been doing quite a bit of strength training, use a higher bench. Stand in front of the bench with feet shoulder width apart and squat down low as though you are a spring loading. Then, jump up as high as you can and land on the bench. STEP down from the bench, don't jump, and repeat this 19 more times.



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Aion said...

Your one of the good guys Eric, glad you stopped for her! Just to let you know.. I'm still with the challenge and todays "plan" sounds like a plan :) ...starting on them after this post!