Monday, December 07, 2009

Dec 7th - Monday Blues Buster

First, check out NBC's Hawaii IM coverage trailer on my home page ( ).

Yesterdays run first thing in the morning was beautiful. There wasn't any wind, the sun was out, and the trees were covered in white. Kenny and I did a hilly 1 hr 45 min. As if the hills on the course weren't enough, I stopped us at a steep one at the 75 minute mark of the run to do 10 bounding hill repeats.

Today's exercises:

5 supersets X 10 to 15 reps of:

Side Lunges - standing, go into a lunge, however, lunge towards one side as though lunging to catch a pass or hit a tennis ball that's coming a few feet to the side of you. Bend the back knee and keep the torso straight. Return to the starting, standing position, then lunge out to the other side. This exercise works your lower extremities and places emphasis on the abductors and core. If it's easy for you, hold dumbells in each hand or a round barbell plate with both hands against your stomach/chest.


There you have it. Do a set of the side lunges (lunge to the right, return to center, lunge to the left, return to center, that's one rep), then go right into a set of the push-ups. This equals one superset. You can rest a bit in between each superset, or you can even break this up and do sets throughout the day. just get it done!



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