Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dec 19th Challenge

We're supposed to get the "snow storm of the decade" according to the local meteorologists, which means we'll probably only end up getting a few inches. Nonetheless, wanted to get in a solid long run this weekend so Ken and I went this morning. We've been hitting a lot of hills around Monroe, which there is no shortage of. I have some really cool loops that Ken, Gus and I have been using for our 90 minute to 2 hr long weekend runs. Anyone who wants to join us, just let me know. If the pacing is different, I'll mark the course(s) well. We then go out for some coffee afterwards or end up at my house for coffee. It sucks to have to drive to run but ask Ken and Gus the benefits of these runs. After taking some downtime post Hawaii, then starting back up my running, I haven't been running well - until this past week. I've just felt sluggish and not smooth whatsoever, as though I had taken off way more time than I did. This week though, it kicked in. I have some athletes experiencing this sluggishness as well right now - it's very common after taking downtime. As I prescribed to them, be patient, shut out the emotions and just get the training done. It'll click sooner or later. I did a tempo effort this week on the treadmill that went great and felt smooth and then today on the long run, it felt solid. Patience and persistence.

Speaking of Hawaii, it's on today at 4:30pm on NBC!

Get your challenge done first though:

5 supersets of:

Squat/shoulder press combo (12-15 reps)
Bench Dips (15 reps)



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alan said...

Thanks for making me finally making me tacke strength training seriously.

ps- Baker's Christmas card is the best one I've seen yet.