Friday, December 11, 2009

Dec 11th Challenge

Here's the plan today:

Four supersets X 10 reps of version two of plank rows and 20 reps of ab toe touches:

version two of plank rows: place two dumbells (10 to 25 lbs each) just slightly wider than shoulder width apart on the ground. Grab them and put yourself in the upper push-up position, so that your elbows are locked out, your body is straight, and your toes are touching the ground, but that's it besides your hands holding the dumbells and supporting your weight. Then, slowly pull the right dumbell upwards towards your torso in a rowing action. keep your balance! then return the right hand/dumbell back to the ground and do the other arm. This is 10 reps per arm. This one is tough but give it your best shot.

ab toe touches: see an earlier post for the description.



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