Tuesday, December 01, 2009

December Challenge

I hope that everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Today, being December 1st, I want to throw out a challenge to all who may be reading this, even if it's just you two, Baker and Molson. My challenge is to try and exercise every day in December, leaving no zeros in the training log. I will be partaking in this challenge and will also post up a different strength, core, and/or cardio session daily that I will be doing and that again, I challenge you to do along with me. In fact, chances are that if you are reading this, you have been sitting at your computer for awhile. I know this because most will view the shit I spew here when they are truly bored and have already surfed for awhile at the higher priority sights, which for Baker and Molson is probably porn. So step away from the computer right now and do 20 push-ups. If you cant do 20 push-ups in a row, then your goal for December is going to be to work on your upper body strength.

Today, I will be running easy for 1 hr, but in addition I will do the following and urge you to do this strength/core session as well:

Perform 3 sets X 20 repetitions of:

walking lunges w/ snatch combo (holding dumbbells in each hand, step down into a lunge while simultaneously raising the dumbbells forward and all the way up over your head. When you step up and forward from the lower lunge position, lower the weights back to your sides, then step forward with the other leg, raising the dumbbells up over your head at the same time. Return to standing/starting position and this equals one rep.

Double Crunches - lay flat on back with feet on the ground and knees up and hands behind your head, perform a slow crunch while at the same time raising your knees up and towards your elbows.

Hope a few of you take on this challenge. Lisa, Jen and I are also back on the three day juice cleanse.




alan said...

Count me in.

Aion said...

I'm taking the challenge as well Eric! and.. just to let you know, I found your site very interesting and motivating! I "profiled" it on my site for my "viewers" (iblogyourprofile.blogspot.com) so that they could enjoy it as well!


Eric said...

Thanks guys. And thanks for the press Aion - very cool!

Eric said...

oh yeah - did you guys get in your push-ups today???