Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dec 16 Challenge

If you have been doing this challenge daily, you should be feeling a bit tired, however, it'll kick in soon and you will definitely feel stronger shortly, so hang in there.

Today, 4 giant sets of:

Ball Push-ups - take a medicine ball, basketball, soccerball, go into a push-up starting position however place one of your hands on the ball instead of the ground. Do six push-ups, then quickly switch the ball to the other hand and do six more. When you get good at these, you can do them by moving laterally and switching the ball on every other push-up.

Bench Jumps - 15 reps

Full sit-ups w/ a twist - yes, good old fashioned full sit-ups. lay on your back w/ feet/heals on the ground and knees slightly bent up off the ground. If your stomach muscles are very strong, fold your arms across your chest or place your hands by each ear with elbows out wide. If you try one and your feet lift off the ground, then keep your arms straight and perpendicular to the floor when starting, pointed towards the ceiling. YOUR FEET ARE NOT ANCHORED UNDER ANYTHING!!! slowly curl up and keep going into a full sit-up and as you come up, twist slightly as though reaching towards the outside ankle of one foot, then return to the starting position and do another twisting to the other side. 10 reps to each side or 20 total.



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