Monday, December 28, 2009

Dec 28th Challenge and NBC IM review

Today, here's the plan:

4 giant sets of:

Jumping Lunges - stand with one leg/foot out in front of you and the other behind as though in a stride. Kneel the posterior knee down, going into a lower lunge position, then explode up, jumping as high as you can towards the sky, simultaneously switching leg positions in a scissor action while in the air and landing in the lower lunge position but with the feet opposite of when you started. Immediately jump right back up and switch leg positions again. Throw your arms into it by swinging them upwards as you jump upward. Do 16 reps of these bitches.

Balance Rows - 15 reps

Supermans - 20 reps

I had a chance to watch the NBC coverage of Hawaii once again. Here's my take: I'm typically a bit more forgiving with the coverage because a) watching this race on Wide World Of Sports in the late 80's is what got me involved in triathlon, and b) i"m just excited that triathlon is getting a bit of air time. Having said that, I found this years coverage a bit lame. First, the race itself - I felt like it was barely covered. I wanted to see more footage of the bike and in particular, some of the battling on the queen K amongst the pros. I also wanted to see more coverage of the pro race and the race in general on the run course. It was a brutal day - show the energy lab and people suffering out there. I felt they didn't cover this at all. Plus, I enjoy seeing people cross the finish line and their emotion, which they hardly covered. In regards to the special interest stories, I have a softness for them but there were too many this year and unfortunately none of them seemed to finish. Also, I love the Navy. They are also a big sponsor of the IM and seeing them get publicity and use of their sponsorship was great although I found it a bit too much as well. Finally, the commercials seemed often and long (Don't hammer me, I do realize that this is what pays to air this in the first place!). Reviewing previous years coverage often when riding my trainer, I know that NBC can do way better.



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