Saturday, December 05, 2009

Dec 5th Challenge

Hopefully some of you are sticking with these exercises each day. If you are currently doing a strength routine, add them in, it can only help. If you are training for swimming, cycling, running, ... and concerned that these exercises may interfere with the training you already have scheduled that day, quit being lazy and just do it. It's December, there shouldn't be any key races coming up soon so work on that strength and train your limiters. If you haven't been doing any training, well these exercises are the perfect way to get your ass in gear.

Today, you have three sets of Walking Lunges/Snatch Combo:

Walking lunges/snatch combo - step down into a lunge while simultaneously lifting dumbbells w/ straight arms, forward and overhead, so that when in lower lunge position and rear knee almost touching the ground, your arms are raised directly overhead. Then return to the starting position and step forward w/ the opposite leg, while again performing the overhead snatch. Return to starting position and this equals one rep.

Use 2 lb to 15 lb dumbells depending on your strength and present conditioning. If you don't have any dumbells, then use anything that weighs a little, like water bottles, bricks, ...

Perform 3 sets of these today by 12-15 reps.

On another note, Lisa and I and some other friends just finished up my three day juice cleanse. I designed this to have the same purpose as my two week cleanse, which is to cleanse out your system, kick start your metabolism and make you much more aware of your present nutrition habits, be they good or bad. This is the second time that we have done this cleanse and I can honestly say that this three day juice cleanse is just as (if not more) effective as my two week cleanse diet! In January, those that work with me, you know that it will be cleanse time. If you have a juicer, you may want to give this new cleanse a go. A blender doesn't work, you need a juicer. If you don't have one, it may make a nice holiday gift. Anyone reading this can contact me if you want more information on this three day juice cleanse and want to give it a go.




MissAllycat said...

Is it too late to hop on the Cleanse bandwagon? I am officially starting my new year on January 7 (my birthday!) and think starting with a cleanse is the way to go. Can I have more info?

Eric said...

Please send me an email and I'll send you the details of the cleanse: